AC CHRISTOPHER ACCOUNTANCY CORPORATION has been operating in the East Bay Area for over 10 years, providing excellent and professional accounting services to all types of clients from all types of life. From Oakland to Brentwood; San Jose to San Francisco, AC CHRISTOPHER ACCOUNTANCY CORPORATION is here to assist your every need for tax time. Highly motivated and able to deliver results, our team brings to every assignment strong organizational and technical skills, thorough computer knowledge, and mastery of many accounting applications.

Meet the Team

Christopher Akhidenor


Christopher Akhidenor has over thirty years’ experience in Accounting, Business Consulting, Auditing (Corporate and Nonprofit), Financial Management, Forensic and Investigative Accounting, as well as Tax Preparation. He is the Founder of AC CHRISTOPHER ACCOUNTANCY CORPORATION.

In his role as a CPA, Mr. Akhidenor utilizes his accounting and finance skills in planning, doing fieldwork and reporting on every engagement. He also utilizes his skills in managing, problem-solving, strategic planning and implementation. Each engagement is approached with a high sense of professionalism.

Thorough reports are prepared for clients at the end of each engagement or continuously for ongoing engagements. Mr. Akhidenor will follow-up on each engagement to make sure recommendations have been implemented and desired results achieved.

Mr. Akhidenor is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA). He is a member of AICPA, CALCPA, and ACFEI.

Next Steps…

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