In this day and age, many people consider an audit to be an expensive and fruitless exercise. But auditing, a necessary process, can be made a whole lot easier if you find the right people. We’re not in the business of crunching numbers and ticking boxes. We offer advice: concrete recommendations that add value to your company, which is why we see the audit process as an opportunity to identify improvements to systems and processes that will directly benefit our clients.

It goes without saying that we go through all the legal requirements that you would expect from an audit, but we also use it to provide our clients with a valuable management tool. When we leave you won’t be left with just a set of audited accounts, you’ll also have a list of recommendations to improve your business or your personal needs. It is testimony to our approach that companies that are not obliged to have an audit still ask us to perform the process on their business every year. Whether or not clients need an audit now, they choose us because they are looking ahead to what their requirements are likely to be in the future. They select us because they know they’ll need us, not only now and in the immediate future, but to help them achieve their aspirations long term.

We appreciate how tedious it is for management and the finance departments as well as personal interests to have to meet a new audit team every year and have to explain the business from scratch each time. We work hard to ensure that there is minimum disruption to the business during the audit process and that includes providing continuity of the audit team. Whilst we can’t promise that the individuals won’t change, we wouldn’t want to hold those back who deserve a promotion, we have a client care system that minimizes the differences. Where an audit team does have to change we ensure that previous members have briefed the new team on the client’s business. In this way they can focus their attention on any new or important tax issues rather than having to spend time on-site, at the client’s expense, learning the business, and causing the client unnecessary disruption.

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